Please Read — Important News!

By December 20, 2018Updates

As we mentioned back in June, we are shutting down the 29plans app. The app has already been pulled from app stores and new users have not been able to download it for some time.

All other online 29plans initiatives will also be put on hold in 2019. You won’t be seeing daily posts on the website, social media or the mobile app after December 31st, 2018.

You might have a some questions…

Why? Our current app development partnership doesn’t offer features we’d like to offer. Quite frankly the cost isn’t worth the limited functionality and we don’t have time to figure out a seamless transition. We hope to pursue other development and funding options to relaunch an app again in the future.

We currently don’t have a way to effectively automate the contents of the plan itself. It requires manual input which we’ve done faithfully for 5 years. We are in a season of life that needs to take a break and hope we can figure out a system less taxing on a daily basis.

So how can I continue the reading plan in 2019? You’ll have to go the old-fashioned way and print the reading plan from here: We still believe the reading plan is a great way to go through the Bible each year. Print it off and put it in your Bible.

Thanks for all of your support and so sorry to disappoint!!! Feel free to message me with questions at  God bless!!


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