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Today’s Guide — 04.24.18 — Refuge and Water from the Rock

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Guide: Read Psalm 62; Numbers 20; Listen to Refuge by @baylessmatt; Pray for neighbors overcoming tragedy; Consider donating money or blood to the Red Cross

Today’s Guide — 04.23.18 — Thessalonica

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Guide: Read Acts 17:1-8; 1 Thessalonians 1 & 2; Listen to To Please you by @jakebrothers; Pray for strength to please God, not people; Memorize 1 Thessalonians 2:4

Today’s Guide — 04.22.18 — Aaron’s Staff and the Escape from Prison

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Guide: Read Numbers 17; Acts 16:16-40; Listen to Glorious Freedom by @Gaithermusic; Pray for Christ’s freedom in friends; Encourage them on Facebook

Today’s Guide — 04.21.18 — The Godly and Paul’s Second Missionary Journey

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Guide: Read Proverbs 11:17-31; Acts 16:1-15; Listen to Good News by @rendcollective; Pray for God to call people into ministry; Journal on Acts 16:6-10